Michelle and I are absolute recipients of the miraculous healing power of CBD infused medicinal products, especially the topical pain relief cream we have developed that we have named "Hemp Infused Real Pain Relief Cream".
Michelle required two serious surgeries, one, in late 2018 for a very serious BREAST CONDITION and the other in early 2019 for an horrific ROTATOR CUFF injury.
These two surgeries were a matter of months apart, and because of this, the combination of the two painful recovery periods at the same time, produced an unimaginable pain level. Concerned with the OPIODS that had been prescribed to her and the danger of the addiction they posed. I went searching several medical marijuana dispensaries, in the hope to find for an effective, natural pain alternative to the OPIODS.
I purchased, a one ounce jar of THC infused pain relief cream, for $57.00 that proved to be absolutely worthless and ineffective! So, because of my youthful days of Hippie knowledge of the medicinal properties of marijuana, by way of Mr. Rick Simpson's work, I set out to see if I could research and produce, a truly effective and affordable pain relief cream for my wife's serious pain needs.
After several formulas and extraction methods, I developed the pain relief cream that worked miraculously for my wife. In fact in her own words she claims "IT SAVED MY LIFE".  Now, dozens of friends & family who have used this cream have experienced the same exciting pain relief results that she and I can both attest to!

We have found this cream to have AMAZING affects on the following:

-severe pain (back, shoulder, knees, wrists, hips, sciatica, etc.)
-restless leg syndrome
-bee stings & mosquito bites 
-itchy skin
-age spots

We are honored and excited, to have the opportunity to bring this wonderful product to you!
We LOVE helping people free themselves of pain and addiction and do what we can for those who cannot afford the treatments! If you would like to help too, we always welcome donations, as the tinctures and cream are costly to make!