Satisfy Your Soul
Each of our Rasa flavors has been uniquely designed to target one of the body's seven energetic channels- known as Rasa

RASA (Sanskrit for ‘juice’ or ‘essence’) is a flavor that enhances your mood to a new state of being. This liquid life force is the inspiration behind our master-crafted phytocannabinoid infused coconut beverages designed to help you.



So, you noticed that there’s something extra special about that delicious can of naturally sweetened, sparkling flavored water? You nailed it. Let’s talk secret ingredients. Every can of Hemp Rain is infused with CBD Naturals® PhytoFX+TM, our proprietary blend of ingredients that is composed of a powerful combination of phytocannabinoids and terpenes for a refreshing boost for your body and mind. PhytoFX+TM is powered with smart delivery nanotechnology to help harness and optimize your body’s nutrient distribution system, and get you feeling balanced and recharged fast. Did we mention that we only use the highest quality of natural ingredients and flavors in our products?

That means non-GMO, no added sugar and no artificial colors or sweeteners.
CBD Enhanced Waters.jpeg
There's more to our water than H2O - and you can feel it. Healthy Water is the first EVER to infuse a combination of CBDNaturals® Purazomes™ - our proprietary colloidal phytocannabindoid complex - and a full spectrum of over 72 non-GMO ionic and trace minerals mined from the Great Salt Lake into bottled water. These replenishing, all-natural ingredients work together to restore your balance and hydrate your body like nature intended.
ALL CBD Infused Water Products are Sold by the Case